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Personal Development

With over 150,000 users these Self Development programs work!

Personal Enlightenment: Self Coaching is where YOU are in total control, by working through our very powerful Self Coaching programs you will create your own personal goals, tasks and ambitions. Each program has the full MyLife and GROW model built within, where you can select and work through each individual area that is important to you..

The programs enables you to work at your own pace, the self coaching programs are an affordable entry to Life Coaching, you have access 24/7/365 anytime, anywhere on a safe and secure environment. It is personal, and because you are the one in control, you are encouraged to be accountable for your own goals, reality, options and will. The programs are designed for you to keep you on target and focused, these are fun, simple yet with lasting and powerful results.

All your work is kept safe for you to re-visit and update at anytime, the program comes complete with Daily Journal, Task Reminder, together with the ability to Share your work with one of our professional, qualified accredited interactive coaches, to receive further feedback and guidance.